About Jacqueline

Jacqueline Chartier is a freelance journalist as well as a nonfiction writer and blogger. Her work has been widely published throughout Canada. Jacqueline was born in northern Ontario, but moved to Alberta with her parents as a small child. The family lived first in Cold Lake and then relocated to Calgary around the time that Jacqueline was old enough to begin school. As a child she always enjoyed reading, and by the time she started high school it was clear that English and social studies had become her favourite subjects.

Jacqueline would go on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from the University of Calgary as well as an undergraduate accreditation in the field of journalism from Mount Royal University. Jacqueline’s career was launched in the 1990s. Her many years of experience have seen her write for a wide variety of publications as well as for government and non-profit agencies. Her journalistic interests include arts and culture, history and heritage and the Canadian military. More recently, she has become involved with issues surrounding medicine and health care. Jacqueline’s sudden health crisis, an ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2011, would become instrumental in reshaping both her personal and professional life.

What People Are Saying

“Jacqueline’s articles have been consistently well researched, well documented and well written. She has an admirable work ethic and a strong dedication to meeting deadlines. I highly recommend her for any position in the writing field.”

Scott Taylor, Publisher of Esprit de Corps Magazine.

“Jacqueline worked well with child welfare workers, was reliable and responsible. She followed direction, respected confidentiality and met every deadline. She did so well in the program that she was one of a few writers approached to be part of the fee-for-service program that followed the contract one.”

Colleen Biondi, Former Volunteer Director at Catholic Family Service Calgary

“Her professionalism as a trained freelance journalist is evident in both her conduct and her work submissions. Jacqueline works comfortably with magazine staff, she is reliable, and consistently able to meet deadlines. She has written passionately and effectively on a wide selection of topics, and follows editorial direction very well.”

 Chris MacLean, Editor-in-Chief Frontline Magazines

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